About Singh Mehandi

The Inception of a Traditional Legacy.

Long ago in the late 1980s, there was a mehandi trader in Bombay by the name of Shardul Singh. As a family legacy from Rajasthan, Shardul Singh had been in the mehandi business for most of his life. A few years later when his son, Manohar Singh wanted to pursue the same trade, the father gave him most of what he had in mehandi supplies.

In 1995, without any more investment than those mehandi supplies, Manohar Singh launched Singh Mehandi, one of the first Mehandi brands in India, to
honor the family name and trade. He founded the brand in a tiny 10x10 room at his residence in Bangalore. He employed two men to take care of the packaging process
on a minimal salary that he could afford. Many years passed, as Manohar Singh single-handedly managed the business of creating and marketing the products.

He would sit day and night to improve the herbal formula with pure ayurvedic ingredients in order to improve the color and ayurvedic benefits of the product. No batch would be marketed without being tested for quality by the founder himself. Every day, he devoted his time to procuring raw materials from Rajasthan, processing them, and balancing the formula for each batch to produce an excellent quality of products.

An innovator by heart, Manohar Singh was the first to introduce ‘mehandi in cones’ to South India. He is also the brain behind designing the customized cones, cone-stands, cone-caps, mehandi filling machines, mehandi mixing machines, and various types of product formulae. This, in addition to the unbeatable quality of the brand, ultimately led to a fantastic beginning of a highly successful brand.

Despite a steady rise in competition, Singh mehandi has only seen an increase in success over the past decades. With a combination of science, wisdom, and Rajasthani traditions, Singh Mehandi stands to be the most cherished traditional mehandi brand that is quintessential for any celebration.

“Quality is important to customers; Quality is what Singh Mehandi delivers; Quality is our key to Success.”- Manohar Singh – Founder and Managing Director.